Spider Frame
Spider Frame ® Computer-Aided Circular External Fixator System "Artificial Neural Network to" Spiderfix based on the so-called high-tech software-based bone deformity correction tool. Spider Frame specially designed to allow rapid correction of acute easy-to-use 6 rodlu structure and very high resistance.
All geometric Spiderfix software specially developed plans (axial, anterior / posterior, lateral) in combination with compression or extension makes the angular and translational adjustments. Spiderfix software deformity physician-assisted measurement and manual measurement at the same time with the software that allows a user-friendly software.
With high-quality materials used in advanced materials technology and fixation parts Spiderframe ® system is very durable and lightweight. Both the physician and the patient during the treatment of these features throughout this process, giving you peace of security
Thanks to the modular structure of the public Spider Hybrid Frame and tubular Ilizarov Fixator can be used in combination with the system. With this feature Spider Framed cases to treat a wide variety of features.

Computer software, please visit https://www.spiderframes.com/ to achieve


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